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ESSENCE Girls United Launches To Inspire Future Black Women Leaders

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ESSENCE Girls United Launches To Inspire Future Black Women Leaders


Since our founding, ESSENCE has made it a priority to pour into the next generation of young Black women. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce ESSENCE Girls United, our new mentoring initiative focused on helping girls 12 through 17 increase their academic potential, self-love and leadership skills.

“ESSENCE Girls United embodies our mission to serve Black women deeply,” says ESSENCE Chief Executive Officer Michelle Ebanks. “We are committed to the empowerment and celebration of dynamic young women and girls, with a goal of inspiring and spotlighting a new generation of world leaders.”

ESSENCE Girls United extends our mission to serve a multigenerational audience globally as a 100% Black-owned company across its platforms through content, culture and community. We will be meeting our girls wherever they are. This multi-platform program will feature year-round video, digital and social content that will focus on core pillars, including: “Owning Your Power,” “Presenting with Confidence,” “Developing Brand You,” “Finding Your Voice,” “Making a Difference In Your Community,” “Life Skills 101,” and “Self-Love.” The initiative will also feature workshops and conversations with thought leaders, a social network directory for girls to interact with each other, a mentorship program, a leadership development “tool kit,” events such as the upcoming ESSENCE Girls United Summit and much more.

We know the stakes for our youth are high, and we’re committed to ensuring that their opportunities are even greater. Black children are punished at higher rates in schools, with Black girls at the greatest risk of being suspended or expelled for nonviolent actions …


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