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Summer time is all about enjoying beautiful weather and showing off some skin, but it’s also essential to protect our skin’s barrier at all stages in life. Vaseline Dermatologist PartnerDr. Fran Cook-Bolden shares key skin care & beauty tips to ensure you are looking your best, while maintaining healthy and luminous skin. Women of color oftentimes come across additional concerns when it comes to best skin care practices. Dr. Cook-Bolden has provided her expertise to advise persons of all skin tones on how to look radiant this season.

1. Don’t Fall for the “Melanin Myth”

Did you know most persons with skin of color have an average “inherent” SPF of 13.4? This is close to the past recommended SPF for everyone of 15, but current recommendations are at least an SPF of  30. Skin of color is very reactive to sun and can produce unwanted and uneven pigmentation.

The use of sunscreen is the first and one of the most important steps in addressing uneven pigmentation all year round and especially in the summer. While the melanin pigment does offer some photo protection, ultraviolet rays still have the potential to cause sunburn, damage skin and lead to often-undiagnosed skin cancers.

2. Clog-free Pores for the Summer

Make-up and other debris from the day can build up and clog pores, and excessive sebum (our natural oil) may fill the pores and build up and worsen acne for those who are prone. Washing our face morning and night is very important provides a form of gentle exfoliation of the face to remove dead skin cells that may naturally build up (this buildup can cause the skin to look dry and lose its natural glow).

A gentle cleansing can exfoliate these cells – and always be sure to follow this up with a light moisturizer and sunscreen. In the summer, an ultra-sheer, matte, light moisturizing sunscreen is an …

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