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Virginia Elects First Black Woman Lt. Governor

Black Women in Politics

Virginia Elects First Black Woman Lt. Governor

ByKeith Reed via

Conservatives point to Winsome Sears’ win as proof they’re not racist

irginia’s gubernatorial race was the most watched election of the 2021 cycle, but the woman who won the number-two spot in Richmond is getting her share of the attention — as a proxy in arguments over which political party is more racist.

Winsome Sears was chosen as Virginia’s first Black woman Lt. Governor, and conservatives are using her victory to flip conversations about race and partisan politics on their head, according to the Washington Post.

From CNN:

“She was national chair of Black Americans Making America First, a coalition that promotes initiatives by former President Donald Trump and has defended him after controversies and racist comments. Asked about her support for Trump, Sears told CNN, ‘I am an independent thinker’ and promised to ensure ‘more diverse representation is appointed on boards and commissions.’ She also said she would increase funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. In general, Sears has downplayed the influence of…

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I am a future butterfly at the stage of growth when I am turning into an adult. I am enclosed in a hard case shell formed by love, family, and friends. It is the hardest stage of becoming a black butterfly. You will encounter many hardships only to come out stronger and better than what you went in. At this stage, you are finding out who you truly are and how to love yourself.

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