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Seeing Butterflies

About Us

Black-Butterfly-Beautiful is your one-stop source for women’s black pride decor, jewelry, and apparel. Founded on the principle that black history is a continuous march forward that expresses itself most honestly through the elegant appeal and natural grace of the modern black woman, Black-Butterfly-Beautiful simplifies your search for Afro-centric products that elegantly display your confidence and charm.

The image of the butterfly has come to define the many expressions of the feminine black consciousness and for a good reason. The butterfly is the perfect articulation of the exquisite beauty of nature. Whether tiny or large, brightly colored or more subdued, the butterfly’s allure is undeniable. Each one displays its own unique patterns and hues, and no one species outshines any other.

Similarly, there is no one ideal image of a black woman — each is gorgeous in her own right. All African-Americans share a glorious history of struggle and perseverance that has funneled into the modern black renaissance. And, like the graceful butterfly, the awakened black woman exemplifies the dazzling beauty of that cultural evolution.

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