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Here’s Why Women Should Lift Weights

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Here’s Why Women Should Lift Weights

“I want to tone but I don’t want to bulk up”, “I don’t want to look like a man”, “I don’t want to lift heavy” are some of the things that I hear and have been hearing for over 20 years when it comes to any type of strength training for women.

There are many benefits to strength training, weight training, resistance training, sculpting, etc. Strength training boosts your metabolism, improves bone density, posture, protects the joints, elevates mood, increases endorphins, creates more independence and builds a stronger body.

When we break it down, weight training helps burn fat even when the body is at rest because by adding muscle, your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn daily) increases which is a…

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The image of the butterfly has come to define the many expressions of the feminine black consciousness and for a good reason. The butterfly is the perfect articulation of the exquisite beauty of nature. Whether tiny or large, brightly colored or more subdued, the butterfly’s allure is undeniable. Each one displays its own unique patterns and hues, and no one species outshines any other.

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